4803 Vásárosnamény


67 are Gulács roads.







On the country's North-Eastern part, the Bereg-Tisza can be found Vásárosnamény-Gergelyiugornya, Bereg gate. Our city lies on the country of top Tisza,three rivers (Tisza, Szamos,Kraszna) his embrace. Tisza maybe his most beautiful reach this, where untouched nature, a sandy coastal sand wait for it the to rest and ones desiring to have fun.

The sandy coastal sector is suitable for sunbathing, bathing excellently.

The accomodation on Gergelyiugornya inner-city area, the Tisza free part onto 200 metres can be found, Atlantika waterworld in an eye, where we wait for the ones desiring to rest in a whole year.

We can receive 24 heads simultaneously in our holiday resort house.


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